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From the slaughterhouse to the funnyfarm


The Full Story

Dave is leaning on his long horn steer named Jeffrey

WANTED:  Dead or Alive

Born & raised in the Bitterroot, Jeffrey lives a life of leisure on the Whitmoyer farm, enjoying daily scratches, brushing with two scoops of grain and milling about in his private pasture.  

But life wasn't always sunshine & rainbows for this 2 year old longhorn riding steer, now aspiring to become the premier animal comedy act in the PRCA.

You see, young Jeffrey, lacking purposeful work on the ranch from which he hails, was to become useful, one way or another, dead or alive.  Jeffrey was scheduled for an appointment with Hamilton Pack . . .

Dave, being the big softy that he is, couldn't let Jeffrey face the meat grinder.  Recognizing  in Jeffrey's docile nature his hidden potential to deliver smiles, laughs and joy to people of all ages around the country, Dave stepped in with a job, giving Jeffrey purpose and a second chance at life!  So now, from the slaughterhouse to the funnyfarm, Jeffrey has joined the Whitmoyer family and, with Dave's diligent help, is on his way to becoming the premier animal comedy act of the PRCA!

Danger Dave to the Rescue

Dave sitting on Jeffrey the long horn steer
Dave Sitting on Jeffrey

Hire Jeffrey

You can give Jeffrey a job too!

Are you looking for a unique, attention-getting draw?  Need some hilarity and fun for your event?  Hire Jeffrey!

  • Western Events

  • Parades

  • Company Parties

  • Grand Openins

  • Promotional Events

  • What do you have in mind?  Let's chat about it!

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